((OTRS)) Community Edition and Free Features

For ((OTRS)) Community Edition, we do not offer professional manufacturer support.

Therefore, use the following to find valuable information about the installation and use of ((OTRS)) Community Edition, as well as options for contacting the OTRS community if you have any questions. The source code is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL v3) and is available for free download.

Admin Manual

Information about installing and using ((OTRS)) Community Edition.

Release Notes

All important information about releases at-a-glance.

Security Advisories

Current security advisories for ((OTRS)) Community Edition.

Mailing List

Stay up-to-date and exchange information with other users.

((OTRS)) Community Edition
Stable Releases

OTRS::ITSM Stable Releases

((OTRS)) Community Edition
Features Stable Releases

For professional use, we recommend that your company use OTRS.