EasyConnect for the OTRS Business Solution5s – Become visible as contact person!

What’s new with EasyConnect?

Communicate – even via video – with a single click, without any additional software or other devices, directly from your OTRS! Now it’s all possible thanks to EasyConnect*, the communication feature of OTRS 5s.

 * Function available for OTRS Business Solution™ customers only



OTRS 5s meets WebRTC

Using several devices is a part of our everyday work, making it increasingly important to maintain both quality and security at the same time. But switching between different devices or using them simultaneously can be tedious and cumbersome.

EasyConnect uses a service based on WebRTC, which establishes audiovisual contact via browser without switching devices.

WebRTC, a well-established W3C standard, is a pioneering technology that enables real-time communication via browser, creating a connection between two participants with the help of end-to-end encryption. This direct transmission of voice and video communication without additional software or plug-ins offers a high level of security and quality.

OTRS 5s uses this standard for EasyConnect and thus offers its customers an innovative way to facilitate and optimize communication!

Redefine your connection with the client and make yourself visible as a contact person!

With EasyConnect:

  • you can hear and see your conversation partner – and also see yourself if necessary, even during the conversation
  • you can create new points of interaction and make modern communication channels more accessible to even the least technically-minded customers
  • small or medium sized companies can stay competitive, because it enables communication free of charge
  • communication becomes easier and more reliable and unambiguous, thanks to the use of an additional communication channel
  • there’s no need for software installations or the creation of new contact data, or of having a separate log-in process
 EasyConnect – Direct audiovisual contact to your customers & colleagues

And here’s how to use EasyConnect:

For your support team

OTRS5s_EasyConnect_Agent View_web
EasyConnect – Contact Request via Pop-up

Your customer needs information, support or the solution to a problem? With a simple click he can contact the support department, for instance. The responsible service team member will then be directly informed of the contact request through a message on his screen. He can now decline or accept the request and start the conversation immediately, using the video function if necessary.

This ensures an uncomplicated and highly personal contact with the conversation partner… and gives you significant bonus points for customer satisfaction!

In your sales department

Make requests or product descriptions livelier and more impressive. By using the additional video function, the sales representative can analyze the mood of the conversation partner quickly and react accordingly. The customer thus feels understood, advised and assisted in an optimal and individualized way. With EasyConnect you will substantially enhance your sales reach and the quality of your contact requests!

Instead of your telephone hotline

A simple click-to-call button creates a faster way of making visual contact.

Only one click in the browser and the customer is connected with the right contact person immediately and completely free of charge, without the usual service charges collected by service hotlines.

 EasyConnect – Click-to-Call Button

For your teams

Teams with a large number of members, especially those in an international context, or decentralized companies can benefit from EasyConnect, as it allows them to exchange information easily and inexpensively, and geographical distance becomes less relevant thanks to the video function.

EasyConnect improves the quality of your communication – without additional software or awkward media switches – directly from your OTRS.


Your benefits at a glance:

  • Web-based real-time communication without plug-ins
  • Contextual/personal communication at a new level
  • Browser-based use in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox possible
  • Complimentary audio and video calls
  • Immediately operational – no telephone or software installations required
  • No need to log in or switch tools

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OTRS Business Solution5s ?

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