Further Develop Open Source Ticket Request System ((OTRS)) Community Edition

OTRS is vividly alive because of its active community. Whether if you are contributing complete passages of code or whether you have noticed a bug or you want to enrich the Open Source Ticket Request System ((OTRS)) Community Edition with a new translation – Every feedback is helpful and makes the ((OTRS)) Community Edition better every day. Get involved now and become a part of the worldwide OTRS Community.

Checking out Code

The OTRS source code is published under the GNU General Public License (GPL v3) and therefore available for free download. It is hosted in a git repository that allows to keep track of all work and all changes made by several community-based developers who collaborate with the OTRS Developers.

You need to have the appropriate tools to download the code from the repository. Once the tools are installed:

Git checkout

The OTRS Framework and some ((OTRS)) Community Edition Features are available on github at https://github.com/OTRS/otrs. There you will also find checkout instructions as well as a repository viewer.


Developer Mailing list

Subscribe here to the developers mailing lists to get in contact with other OTRS Developers.


Report a Bug

Bug reporting is an essential asset in enhancing the ((OTRS)) Community Edition. Assign bugs to releases and features, ensuring a precise, completely and reproducible description of what went wrong. These reports help to get bugs fixed and subsequently make the Open Source Ticket Request System ((OTRS)) Community Edition even better.



Learn more about how to contribute a translation of the current version of the ((OTRS)) Community Edition, the OTRS::ITSM feature or any OTRS  Features.


Localization Mailing list

Subscribe here to the localization mailing list to speak with other localizers about updates and new translations.

Verify your developed Features

To guarantee the security of our users and customers OTRS systems, we launched with OTRS Verify a proven verification process. In it, we have to check every external piece of software that is offered to enhance the Open Source Ticket Request System ((OTRS)) Community Edition and when it is ok, we grant it the OTRS Verify logo. You will understand that this means some effort for us and we will make you a reasonable offer of how much your verification will cost. Read more about OTRS Verify in our brochure.

Suggest a Feature

Get involved and suggest your feature or feature enhancements here. Sign-Up for your free OTRS-ID and join the OTRS IdeaScale Community:


Invest in a Feature

Some of our best features were developed with the financial help of one or more of our customers. Here you will find a list of features that only need some interested customers to be developed. As an OTRS Customer the porting of such features is free of costs and it is likely that they will be merged into the core of the ((OTRS)) Community Edition within the next major release and everybody – even you- will benefit from it as incompatibilities are reduced and the feature is updated automatically with every release. Contact our Sales team at sales@otrs.com for an offer.


Read our Community Blog

Get insights on and around OTRS from our Developers and Consultants.


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