Release Notes

((OTRS)) Community Edition 5s Patch Level 16

OTRS Group, the world’s leading provider of the OTRS service management suite, including the fully managed OTRS solution and the ITIL® V3-compliant IT service management software OTRS::ITSM.

January 24, 2017 — OTRS, the world’s leading provider of open source Help Desk and ITIL® V3 compliant IT Service Management (ITSM) solutions, today announces the 16th patch level release of OTRS 5s.


    Please note, that from now on we will only officially support versions OTRS 4 and OTRS 5 and following versions.

    What’s New

    • Updated translations, thanks to all translators.
    • Improved the support data collection to work without an internal web request.

    Important for Upgrading

    • From a previous version of OTRS 5:
      • Make sure you run bin/ Maint::Config::Rebuild after the upgrade so that the configuration is refreshed. Otherwise, the system may not work.
      • If you upgrade from OTRS 5 Patch Level 2 or earlier, please run scripts/ once during the upgrade to fix possible issues with dysfunctional notification tags.
      • If you upgrade from OTRS 5 Beta 5 or earlier, you should manually update all ticket notifications that are set to be shown in agent preferences. In the ticket notification management admin screen for each notification, scroll down to “Notification Methods” and check the “Send by default” checkbox from the “Email” section on each notification.
        • Background information: “Send by default” is a new feature introduced in OTRS 5 RC1 that adds a new layer of control to administrators to decide if an enabled notification method is used by default or not if an agent has not directly specified this preference. This option is now set by default on new systems or upgrades.
    • From OTRS 4.x: Please consult our admin manual for detailed instructions.

    Bug Fixes

    • Bug#12494 – Not able to start the chat at AgentTicketZoom and CIC with a customer.
    • Bug#12523 – Can’t cache: StatID has no time period, so you can’t cache the stat!.
    • Bug#12516 – Error when next state is not set and state is disabled in AgentTicketPhoneCommon.
    • Bug#12421 – Wrong out of office state in statistics.
    • Bug#12512 – https RSS feeds don’t use the proxy.
    • Bug#12471 – out of office time calculation wrong if user time zone differs from OTRS default.
    • Bug#10691 – No CustomerID shown after TicketCreate (for unknown customers).
    • Bug#12480 – Bulk function ignores queues <-> agent/role permissions. Thanks to S7 (PR#1590).
    • Bug#11197 – AJAX Error while being logged in but nothing is done for a while.
    • Bug#12501 – Mandatory dynamic multi-select field error message occurs in AgentTicketEmailOutbound;.
    • Bug#12486 – Return-path is set to “<>” instead of having SMTP-From identical to Mailheader-From.
    • Bug#12435 – Maint::Stats::Generate – ISO-8859 encoding.
    • Follow-up fix for Bug#12040 – Emails are incorrectly attached to tickets.
    • Bug#12473 – Banner cannot be disabled in the customer interface.
    • Bug#12487 – Statistic with a ‘+’ in the CustomerId doesn’t work.
    • Bug#12429 – Nested form elements in AgentLinkObject prevent submit, thanks to Thorsten Eckel.

    The detailed ChangeLog can be found at:

    Browser Support

    • JavaScript is required to use OTRS.

    These browsers are not supported:

    • Microsoft Internet Explorer before version 10
    • Firefox before version 10
    • Safari before version 5

    We recommend using the latest version of your browser because it has the best JavaScript and rendering performance. Dramatical performance varieties between the used browsers can occur with big data or big systems. We are happy to consult you on that matter.


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    Release Name:

    ((OTRS)) Community Edition 5s Patch Level 16

    Release Details

    • Release name: ((OTRS)) Community Edition 5s Patch Level 16
    • Release date: January 24, 2017
    • Release type: patch level