((OTRS)) Community Edition – The Flexible Open Source Service Management Software

((OTRS)) Community Edition is one of the most successful and long-lasting open source projects in the area of help desk and IT service management worldwide. More than 5,000 active community members improve the service management software with every release by reporting bugs, adding self-developed improvements or new functionalities, and maintaining and extending the 40 supported languages. Thanks to the open source code that is constantly reviewed by the manufacturer and the community, the open source software ((OTRS)) Community Edition is not only more secure than proprietary software but also more flexible. This is evidenced by 170,000 installations in different industry sectors such as IT & telecommunications, government, healthcare, manufacturing, education and consumer products.


Established since:
















Software available in:

38 languages

Download & Install ((OTRS)) Community Edition


The open source version of OTRS – ((OTRS)) Community Editionspeeds up your service management! Download the  ((OTRS)) Community Edition here at no cost and find helpful information regarding installation, system requirements, releases and the license.

Further Develop ((OTRS)) Community Edition


Help us improve the ((OTRS)) Community Edition! Here you will learn everything about how to report bugs, add or revise translations, and contribute code to the open-source service management software, as well as how you can get features you developed certified by us.

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