Ready2Adopt for the OTRS Business Solution5s – Import-ready Process Templates and Web Services

A lot of processes in our daily work are standardized and recurring. So what better to deal with them than standardized process templates? These help avoid mistakes and complete tasks much faster. The result can only be increased quality and efficiency!

Ready2Adopt* offers a solid basis of import-ready process templates. You can both use them directly to deal with specific business processes or adapt them to your individual needs.
With Ready2Adopt you can increase the productivity of your teams across departments thanks to easy-to-use, time-saving process templates!

 * Function available for OTRS Business Solution™ customers only

What does Ready2Adopt offer?

Vacation requests, room bookings, travel expenses, material requirements: Simple templates now make these processes crystal-clear and understandable for everyone.

Vacation requests

Requests to superiors or general vacation plans that cause surprises within the team? All of that can be avoided easily. With Ready2Adopt the process is installed immediately: The employee submits a request, which will be declined or approved by the superior, and immediately receives a status notification.

Ready2Adopt – Vacation Requests

Room bookings

A large amount of conferences and meetings can easily lead to a state of confusion: Who booked the room for what time? Did they need a projector, or was it catering? Thanks to Ready2Adopt, the reservation request contains all necessary and important information, such as date, number of attendees, equipment, etc., and is passed on to the service team directly. The inquirer then receives a reservation notification through an external note, and the reservation itself can be seen in the dashboard calendar. This ensures that all information needed for a meeting or conference is provided and double bookings are avoided.

Ready2Adopt – Travel Expenses

Travel expenses

Travel expense accounting is often complex and time-consuming. With Ready2Adopt, employees use a standardized form that requires all necessary details. After the responsible team has assessed the information, the employee receives a note with all the details regarding the reimbursement of his or her travelling expenses.


Office supplies and equipment

No more hours wasted looking for the right products, comparing costs and communicating inefficiently. Now you have Ready2Adopt: Employees select the desired item from a predefined list, which contains all available products/materials, and the responsible team verifies the order and either forwards it directly or declines the request. The requesting employee is then informed about the current status of the order via an external note. It’s as simple as that!

Release management

Almost every product innovation, be it hardware or software, requires a systematic release management process to inform customers about the innovations to expect. In this context, good inter-divisional cooperation is of paramount importance. That’s where Ready2Adopt offers a process enabling the release manager to forward all changes bundled together to the corresponding decision maker. After approval, they forward the respective information e.g. to product marketing, where the campaign or customer information is prepared. Meanwhile, the release manager prepares and monitors the roll-out. Perfect teamwork for a smooth release!

Ready2Adopt – Release Management

Complaints and returns

Especially when it comes to hardware, incorrect deliveries can easily happen during the guarantee period. With Ready2Adopt, the returns process is simplified and started through the submission of relevant data such as the RMA number (Return Material/Merchandise Authorization), the purchase date, etc.

Ready2Adopt is ideally suited for:

  • IT service providers
  • IT support departments in every company
  • Procurement and office management
  • Finance departments
  • Human resources

Turn repetitive tasks and processes into fast and smooth routines. Easy – Structured – Ready2Adopt!

But Ready2Adopt can do even more!

Do you use other tools besides OTRS and would like to access information and data between them? Ready2Adopt helps you out thanks to the following web service1 definitions:

JIRA Connector

OTRS Jira Connector

You use JIRA, to manage your software development, and OTRS at the same time? With the JIRA connector in Ready2Adopt an issue can be created out of OTRS and created and updated in JIRA. Your service team will receive the message about a software bug via OTRS and can escalate all necessary data for debugging directly to JIRA.


Bugzilla Connector

Bugzilla OTRS Connector

Do you use Bugzilla for bug tracking in your software development? With the web service Ready2Adopt, a bug can be set up and updated within Bugzilla directly out of OTRS.

OTRS – OTRS Connector

OTRS to OTRS Connector

You would like to forward a request received in your OTRS system to an external service provider for processing? With the Ready2Adopt web service, an OTRS ticket can be created and updated within an additional (internal/external) OTRS system.

1 All web services will need the following invoker packages, which are only available for OTRS Business Solution™ PROFESSIONAL and ENTERPRISE and OTRS Business SolutionManaged GOLD and PLATINUM customers and will be provided via service request by our support team:

  • OTRS Generic Interface Invoker Ticket
  • OTRS Generic Interface Invoker Event filter


Ready2Adopt – Your gain if:

  • Ticket data needs to be exchanged with other systems directly.
  • Technical resources (XSLT knowledge) are limited or completely lacking.
  • Time-saving has been defined as a success factor.

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OTRS Business Solution5s ?

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