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Release Notes: OTRS Help Desk 3.3.0 beta 3

OTRS Group, the world’s leading provider of the OTRS service management suite, including the fully managed OTRS solution and the ITIL® V3-compliant IT service management software OTRS::ITSM.

September 24, 2013 — OTRS, the world’s leading provider of open source Help Desk and ITIL® V3 compliant IT Service Management (ITSM) solutions, today announces the third beta release of OTRS Help Desk 3.3.0 Sunrise Beach Ko Lipe.


What’s New

  • Added script in scripts/tools – to easily generate md5sums on platforms that need it (Windows).
  • Added Kernel::System::Environment, a module that has methods to get information about the current system. Features information about OS, database, perl and OTRS.
  • Speed up template rendering for large pages, thanks to Moritz Lenz (noris network AG).
  • OTRS is now ready for Retina displays.
  • Improved skinning abilities through usage of font symbols (FontAwesome by Dave Gandy) instead of real images.
  • Improved overall performance through smaller amount of (image) files to load.



  • Dashboard ticket lists and regular ticket overviews can now be filtered by eligible ticket columns, and the shown columns are configurable.
  • Ticket medium and preview overviews are now sortable.
  • Added a calendar widget for the dashboard that can show tickets as events.
  • Added new dashboard widget that shows in a matrix form the number of tickets per state and per queue.
  • Agents can now mark important articles.
  • A new tree selection widget makes working with tree data (queues, services etc.) much faster and easier.
  • Added support to search relative dates ( e.g. more than 1 month ago ) in Date and Date/Time dynamic fields.
  • It is now possible to specify templates (previously “standard responses”) also for creation of new tickets and for ticket forwarding.
  • The list of available processes can now be filtered by ACLs.
  • Added support to initiate processes from Customer Interface.
  • In many places text is not shortened any more by a fixed number of characters (“Queue1…”), but instead by available screen estate. This makes it possible to see more information at once.
  • OTRS is now Retina-ready. Images have been adapted to match the higher resolutions and most of the image icons have been replaced by font characters from the FontAwesome webfont (since OTRS Help Desk 3.3.0 beta3).


  • OTRS can now use multiple customer company databases, thanks to Cyrille @ belnet-ict.
  • OTRS can now automatically store customer user data in ticket dynamic fields for permanent storage in the ticket. This can be useful for reporting.
  • OTRS is now able correctly assign incoming emails to existing tickets based on ticket numbers from external systems.
  • OTRS can now fetch email also over POP3/TLS connections.


  • Web Installer now can setup OTRS on PostgreSQL, Oracle and SQL Server databases in addition to MySQL.
  • Generic agent jobs can now be executed for configured ticket events.
  • The new graphical ACL editor makes ACL editing easier.
  • Postmaster filters can now use negated filter conditions, thanks to Renée Bäcker.
  • Postmaster filters can now specify relative pending dates and Owner / Responsible for new tickets based on incoming email data.
  • Customer and Agent passwords now can be encrypted using the strong bcrypt algorithm, which is better than SHA.
  • Many icons now use an icon font which makes it much easier to create custom skins with different base colors. This also improves overall performance through smaller amount of (image) files to load (since OTRS Help Desk 3.3.0 beta3).

OTRS 3.3 includes many other small bug fixes, performance improvements or new features, some of which were contributed by the community. Please see the CHANGELOG for details.

Important for Upgrading

  • From OTRS 3.3.x:
    • Make sure you run <code>bin/</code> after the upgrade so that the configuration is refreshed. Otherwise the system may not work.
  • From OTRS 3.2.x: Please read the and files for detailed instructions.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where session storage in DB fails on MySQL 5.6.
  • Bug#9726 – returns error state if cache was empty.
  • Bug#9728 – Bulk action (send email) ignores reply-to address from unknown customers.
  • Bug#9705 – Ticket search result screen is empty.
  • Bug#9661 – Useless code in DynamicField backend.
  • Bug#9713 – Agent Ticket Search Results settings leads to Search screen.
  • Bug#9701 – Ticket overview Queue Sort Filter is missing.
  • Bug#8777 – 508 Compliance: No indication of the meaning of asterisks throughout the application.

The detailed ChangeLog can be found at:

Browser Support

  • JavaScript is required to use OTRS.

These browsers are not supported:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer before version 8
  • Firefox before version 10
  • Safari before version 5

We recommend to use the latest version of your browser, because it has the best JavaScript and rendering performance. Dramatical performance varieties between the used browsers can occur with big data or big systems. We are happy to consult you on that matter.

Supported Encodings

  • OTRS 3.3 supports only UTF-8 as internal character set. Non-UTF-8 installations of OTRS must switch to UTF-8.


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Release Name:

Release Notes: OTRS Help Desk 3.3.0 beta 3

Release Details

  • Release name: OTRS Help Desk 3.3.0 beta3
  • Release type: beta
  • Release date: September 24, 2013