Benefit from the SecurityToolbox for OTRS Business Solution5s and OTRS 5s Free – communicate safely and work more efficiently now!

What’s new with the SecurityToolbox?

What do the OTRS 5s SecurityToolbox and a Swiss army knife have in common?

Both are sophisticated and solid at the same time.

But the various features of the SecurityToolbox have a lot more to offer, in particular a noticeable simplification of your daily routine and the highest security!

Communication Encryption & Decryption

  • Encryption and signing of ticket notifications
  • Encryption of emails to multiple recipients*
  • Automatic decryption of incoming encrypted emails
  • Usage of postmaster filter for incoming encrypted emails
  • Usage of content within the ticket notification
  • Usage of public S/MIME certificates from the LDAP

Display information

  • Additional information corresponding to the values in the information floater
    • E.g. WHOIS information for IP addresses
    • Information about CVE numbers or MS Bulletins

Clearly arranged work

  • Selection of displayed attributes of linked objects, e.g. tickets
  • Individual column sequence of attributes of the linked tickets
 * Function available for OTRS Business Solution™ customers only



Security and discretion are of paramount importance within a professional environment, and the significance of encrypted communication is increasing on a daily basis. That’s exactly where the SecurityToolbox of OTRS 5s comes in with its elaborate encryption and decryption possibilities. The features included enable a completely encrypted communication process.

Profit from the complete encrypted communication

Encrypt and sign ticket notifications and verify yourself as the sender to avoid information disclosures.

Send an encrypted email to various recipients at the same time with OTRS 5s.


In addition, the SecurityToolbox also offers an optimized decryption of incoming emails via automatic access to certificates of various directory services (e.g. OpenLDAP, MS Active Directory, Novell).

The postmaster filter for encrypted incoming emails is another asset, as it pre-classifies messages and assigns them to the respective queue (e.g. working groups or teams).



But that’s not all the SecurityToolbox has to offer!

Imagine you receive a notification containing a link or an article number (e.g. UPC). This usually means that you have to leave the browser view or search awkwardly for information for this article number.


The Information Floater in OTRS 5s ensures that links can be opened in a well-scaled preview window via mouse-over, so you can access information, CVE numbers or WHOIS queries comfortably and without a risk – without changing the screen view.

Information Floater

Link Layer Columns


Link Layer Columns

Does your department work a lot with task tickets? Is the number of linked tickets really high?

Excessive complexity and insufficient transparency cost working time that could be used more productively elsewhere

Link Layer Columns in the SecurityToolbox of OTRS 5s provides a solution and ensures faster access to key information within your OTRS system.

Select the most important attributes to classify linked tickets and add them to the selection list via drag and drop. At this point, you can decide individually in which order the attributes should appear.

Gain time and make your work easier by staying within the same browser window – without having to open every single ticket to search for information you need.

The use of Link Layer Columns is especially advisable for a time-sensitive working environment, e.g. security incident management.


Combined the features of SecurityToolbox can improve the security of your organization noticeably and make your work easier!


The benefits at a glance

Full encryption

  • Protection of automated communication via tickets
  • Fast and automated encryption and decryption of emails
  • Unambiguous verification of the sender
  • Encrypted communication with multiple colleagues through one email
  • Incoming encrypted emails are sorted directly into the right queue

Fast acquisition of information

  • Relevant information at a glance – without leaving OTRS

Improved overview

  • Optimal overview of linked tickets – without changing the browser window

Want to efficiently use the feature for

OTRS Business Solution5s ?

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