The new OTRS calendar for OTRS Business Solution5s and OTRS 5s Free – organize your appointments directly in your OTRS!

What’s new with StayOrganized?

Calendar function

  • Proven standard calendar functions with the OTRS interface
  • Uncomplicated time management
  • Easy linking of appointments and tickets
  • Direct connection between ticket appointments and calendar*
  • Mobile and flexible appointment overview through ICS data export and import function, and the subscription to the OTRS calendar in external calendars
 * Functions only available for OTRS Business Solution™ customers!

Resource planning*

  • Inter-divisional overview with team/department calendar*
  • Centralized management of employee working-times for assignments*
  • Detailed calendar entries for project-specific operational planning*
  • Optimal resource allocation for efficient management of employees*


StayOrganized gives you a detailed overview of your appointments…


…and even of your whole team.

From the personal organization of pending tasks to team resource planning – with the new calendar function StayOrganized you can now have a detailed overview of your own appointments as well as the assignments of the whole team.

Benefit from the innovative linkage between calendar entries and ticket appointments.

Why is it so useful? OTRS shows the escalation time deposited in a ticket within the calendar. Similarly, dates for upcoming escalations can be displayed as well.


Thanks to two dynamic fields per ticket such as date/time, the calendar view can also be used for individual use cases. Changes to an appointment in a ticket are displayed in the calendar directly and, likewise, changes to appointments in the calendar directly affect the appointments deposited in the ticket. It is important to note that escalation times are determined exclusively by the SLAs defined in the system.



The clear presentation of a daily, weekly or monthly view adapts exactly to your working method and allows you to plan appointments in a structured way.


Equipped with characteristics of a standard Apple or Outlook calendar, StayOrganized offers helpful functionalities – such as calendar import via ICS data and the exporting of your OTRS appointments to external calendars – for your OTRS interface. It is also extremely simple to create and manage various individual calendars for multiple purposes. Moreover, your OTRS calendar can be subscribed to in external calendars, so you can see your appointments at any time and on all devices, including your smartphone.

Don’t miss any appointments with the StayOrganized Calendar Widget for your OTRS Dashboards.
With StayOrganized you can easily manage your calendars and import and export them via ICS files.


Manage your teams accurately down to the smallest detail.

And not only that: Use this function for inter-divisional planning as well! With StayOrganized you can configure authorization groups and therefore specifically create team calendars for selected teams – thus making information and appointments available for all relevant agents at once. Determine which agent has to fulfill which tasks and how much time it will require. Meetings, appointments and simple project planning are now all centrally mapped and visible for the whole department in OTRS.


The transparent view simplifies coordinated teamwork and has a powerful synergetic effect!


Your advantages

Full schedule control with the OTRS calendar

  • Always on top of every appointment – all in one interface!
  • Reminders and escalation warnings viewable through the calendar interface
  • Access to appointments when on the move: from anywhere – with all devices – for the whole team!
  • Automated calendar entries from ticket appointments
  • Efficient workflows for faster processing
  • Schedule management for meetings, telephone appointments, birthdays, company anniversaries, notice periods, etc.

Resource planning now easier than ever!

  • Define tasks transparently for all team members
  • Coordinate project tasks as a team – hand in hand with colleagues


Want to efficiently use the feature for

OTRS Business Solution5s ?

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