((OTRS)) Community Edition


Welcome to the home of ((OTRS)) Community Edition, a free open source service management system. ((OTRS)) Community Edition has been perfected by more than 5,000 active community members with every release by reporting bugs, adding improvements and suggesting new functionalities. The community also maintains and extends the 40 supported languages.

We invite you to explore the site and ((enjoy)) the resources, knowledge articles and downloads that are available to support you in the growth and development of your service organization.

Benefits of Using Service Management Software.

The use of service management software offers your team freedom from administrative tasks so that they can focus in on more strategic, value-added tasks.

For instance, it can help your team:

  • Track and structure requests and incidents in an audit-proof way
  • Reduce resolution time with automatic routing and process management
  • Find information faster with integrated service catalog, CMDB and SLAs
  • Improve customer satisfaction through self-service and knowledge management tools

Want additional on-going support? Learn about OTRS 7

As you consider options for improving service delivery through structured communication and processes, you may also want to take a look at OTRS 7.

OTRS 7 is our fully-managed (or on-premise) professional version of the service management software. Try this version for free too.

Take a look at the newest features that are available in OTRS 7.









Frequently asked questions about ((OTRS)) Community Edition in connection with the change of the OTRS Open Source Strategy in 2018:

Will there be restrictions on the use of my existing ((OTRS)) Community Edition?
No, existing installations can still be used.

Will bug fixes be available to ((OTRS)) Community Edition users?
Yes. We will provide bug fixes for the most recent version of the ((OTRS)) Community Edition until there is a new publicly-available major release.

Can I still report errors in the software?
Yes, please do! Errors can still be reported through bugs.otrs.org. However, we will continue to prioritize those errors reported by our paying customers.

Can I still suggest features?

Absolutely! Feature requests can be reported via otrsteam.ideascale.com just as before.

Can I contribute to the development of OTRS in the future?
Yes, but with limitations: We will no longer be able to publish the OTRS main development branch (»master«) in the future:

  • Bug fixes to previously-released versions of OTRS can still be submitted as a pull request via GitHub.
  • To contribute new features to future versions of OTRS, it will be necessary to become a customer of OTRS. Details will be announced later.



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