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Learn how to get a translation of the current version of the ((OTRS)) Community Edition, the OTRS::ITSM feature or other ((OTRS)) Community Edition user contributed features.

Bug Reporting

Reporting a bug is one of the most important activities you can do to support ((OTRS)) Community Edition. Please assign the bug to a release and the affected feature. Include as accurate, complete and traceable of a bug description as possible. These bug reports will help us fix the bugs and, therefore, make ((OTRS)) Community Edition even better.


With OTRSverify, we have created a proven verification process that guarantees the security of our customers' and users' installed ((OTRS)) Community Edition systems. This allows OTRS Group to thoroughly test every external software component that is offered for extending the ((OTRS)) Community Edition solution desk.

If the feature meets our security requirements, we are pleased to award it with the official OTRSverify logo, which also appears in the OTRS package manager. Please understand that this means additional work for us, and therefore, we cannot perform the verification free of charge. After a cost estimate, we will provide you with a quote. More information about OTRS Verify can be found in our brochure.

OTRS Technical Blog

Stay up-to-date and read articles about special configuration options or possible applications of ((OTRS)) Community Edition as explained by OTRS Group professional developers and consultants.

GitHub Checkout

The OTRS framework and some OTRS Free Features are available on GitHub. There you will also find checkout instructions as well as a repository viewer.