Release Notes

((OTRS)) Community Edition 6 Patch Level 4

OTRS Group, the world’s leading provider of the OTRS service management suite, including the fully managed OTRS solution and the ITIL® V3-compliant IT service management software OTRS::ITSM.


January 16, 2018 — OTRS, the world’s leading provider of open source Help Desk and ITIL® V3 compliant IT Service Management (ITSM) solutions, today announces the fourth patch level release of OTRS 6.




New Features in OTRS 6 Free


  • Implemented proper time zone support. Time zones can be configured system wide and also on a per-user basis.
  • Improvements to ticket handling
    • Added possibility to store unfinished ticket forms as drafts for later reuse
    • Completely revamped ticket zoom screen, with a fresh new design with an accent on content. User avatars have been introduced as a visual aid for easier identification of the article sender. Timestamps are now displayed in a more natural and speaking format (e.g. 5 minutes ago, about a week ago, etc). Article display settings are now displayed in a settings dialog.
    • Dropped dubious and somewhat confusing article types, and introduced the concept of communication channels as the source for ticket articles (e.g. Email, Phone, Chat, etc). Customer visibility of articles can now be determined by a simple checkbox.
    • Improved AgentTicketHistory screen usability.
    • Merged the add-on module OTRSAdvancedTicketSplit. Now it’s possible to select to which kind of ticket an article should be split: phone (default), email or process ticket. For process tickets, additional selection of specific process will be provided. However, only those fields which are configured in the first activity dialog will be adopted from original ticket.
    • Added support for ticket number and title search in ticket merge and bulk screens. Autocomplete list can be used to populate the ticket number field with a single click, therefore speeding up the process and limiting room for error. In the ticket merge screen, there is also a CustomeriD search filter option, which will limit the results to tickets belonging to the same customer company as the source ticket.
    • Split last sender and ticket title columns in ticket overviews.
    • It’s now possible to access all supported article actions directly from large ticket overview screen.
    • Ticket search and statistic can now filter for pending until time.
    • Added possibility to restrict zoom and print screens in the customer interface by using ACLs.
    • The used search template is now shown on the ticket search result screen.
    • Added possibility to automatically lock new tickets to the agent who creates them.
    • Added possibility to send notifications to the agent who created a ticket, thanks to Dian Tong Software.
    • Make it possible to configure which ticket state types to show striked through in the linked objects table, thanks to Renée Bäcker.
    • Made possible to define ServiceIDs and SLAIDs as default shown ticket search attributes, thanks to Paweł Bogusławski.
    • Merged the add-on module OTRSTicketCloseRedirect. It is now possible by a new SysConfig setting to stay in Ticket Zoom after an action that closes the ticket instead of being redirected to the last overview screen or dashboard. This is now controlled by the new SysConfig setting “Ticket::Frontend::RedirectAfterCloseDisabled”.
    • Merged the add-on module OTRSUserDefaultQueue, With a new SysConfig setting now it is possible to pre-select a queue to create a ticket in the New Phone, Email, and Process ticket scr
  • Improvements for working with customers
    • Added dynamic field support for customer users and customers. This makes it possible to attach additional data fields to customer users and customers (companies) without making manual changes to the database.
    • Modernized the OTRS address book. It is now possible to search for all configured custom user and customer fields.
    • Added the Customer User Information Center front end. This works like the existing Customer Information Center but focuses on all data of one particular customer user, rather than a complete customer (company).
    • Improved the selection of customers in various screens by adding autocomplete fields.
  • Added support for proper Chinese name formatting, thanks to Dian Tong Software.
  • Custom spell checker was removed in favor of using the built-in spell checker features of the different browsers.
  • Email articles now support display of their transmission status in the agent zoom screen. Messages with errors will be flagged as such, and automatic notifications will be triggered for relevant agents. Useful email resend screen can be used to resend failed messages.
  • Added option for dashboard widgets to mark them as mandatory. With this feature, administrators have the ability to configure dashboard widgets that can’t be disabled by the agents individually.


  • Added drag & drop multi file upload for agent and customer interface.
  • Added a high contrast skin for visually impaired agents.


  • Improved session storage to no longer include permission information. This should result in significant performance gains for systems with many agents and groups.
  • Moved ticket number counter from the TicketCounter.log file to the database. This allows OTRS to process incoming e-mails much faster and in parallel.
  • Improved web upload cache performance, thanks to Pawel Boguslawski.
  • Improved Generic Agent performance at deleting old execution times. Thanks to Moritz Lenz @ noris networks!


  • Made bcrypt cost configurable for agent and customer password hashing, thanks to Pawel Boguslawski.


  • Web service improvements
    • Added support for additional response headers in REST and SOAP provider configuration.
    • Added possibility to filter for events before calling Invokers
    • Added the possibility to include the ticket data in web service response data.
    • Added automatic cleanup of old web service debug log information.
    • Added new operations TicketHistoryGet and SessionGet.
    • Updated default web service configurations.
    • Improved Authentication, Proxy and SSL handling in SOAP and REST transport.
    • Improved usability of debugger.
    • Added SOAPAction naming flexibility.
    • Improved SOAP output generation.
    • Prevent usage of invalid web services in provider.
    • Globally changed wording from ‘webservice’ to ‘web service’.
    • Added error handling to the Generic Interface.
    • Improved XSLT mapping functionality.
  • Email improvements
    • Added possibility to configure default headers for outgoing emails (Sendmail::DefaultHeaders), thanks to Renée Bäcker.
    • Added possibility to use multiple named captures in Postmaster filters, thanks to Renée Bäcker.
    • Added possibility to set the ticket title in Postmaster filters, thanks to Renée Bäcker.
    • Add support for setting owner and responsible via filter also for follow-ups, thanks to Renée Bäcker.
    • Make it possible to re-enable auto responses from Postmaster filters by setting X-OTRS-Loop to no/false, thanks to Pawel Boguslawski.
    • All email communication is now being queued for sending and handled by dedicated scheduled daemon task. In case of errors, multiple retries will be scheduled, in order to alleviate temporary problems.
  • Added possibility to add an external link to the action menu in AgentTicketZoom, thanks to Pawel Boguslawski.


  • Renewed system configuration mechanism including a totally new graphical user interface.
    • Added possibility to review changes before they are effective
    • Exclusively edit settings, so other administrators cannot change the same setting at the same time.
    • Added possibility to define favorite settings for quick access.
    • Added new console commands to display and update setting values (Maint::Config::Dump and Maint::Config::Rebuild).
    • Added possibility to distribute configuration states to all nodes in a cluster environment.
  • Renewed main administration screen.
  • Added SHA-512 as new password digest method to agent and customer authentication.
  • Added support for multi-tiered customer and customer user relationships.
  • Added the possibility to use the autocomplete search for the customer ID selection in the user management frontend.
  • Improved command Maint::Ticket::InvalidUserCleanup. It can now both unlock tickets of invalid users and also (optionally) change their state to make sure they will not be overlooked.
  • Thanks to Moritz Lenz @ noris networks!
  • Added per-address email loop protection configuration (PostmasterMaxEmailsPerAddress), thanks to Moritz Lenz.
  • Added console command to list configured queues, thanks to Martin Burggraf.
  • Added completely new log mechanism for email communications. The dashboard-like display allows administrators to quickly see what might be wrong in their system regarding receiving and sending emails. Account overview can be used to determine which email accounts might be having issues and why. Detailed logging should help to figure out how an email was processed by the system before ending up in a specific ticket.


  • Added the possibility to push data directly from Perl code to JavaScript without having to embed it into templates.
  • Added the possibility to translate strings directly in JavaScript files.
  • Introduced a new client-side JavaScript templating mechanism. Developers can define and use templates based on nunjucks to render content on the client side.
  • Added a new mechanism to autoload Perl files to override existing functionality from custom packages.
  • Make it possible to search for empty dynamic fields via the TicketSearch API (also via GenericInterface), thanks to Rolf Schmidt and Moritz Lenz.
  • Modularized AgentTicketZoom with a small widget system. It is now possible to add custom widgets without changing the existing files. Thanks to Moritz Lenz @ noris networks!


Important for Upgrading

  • Please consult our admin manual for detailed instructions.


What’s New

  • Updated translations, thanks to all translators.


Bug Fixes

  • Bug#13527 – Reset locally not working as expected.
  • Bug#13546 – Dashboard sort order changes itself after autorefresh cyclically.
  • Bug#13541 – Running migration script during patch level updates cleans up all modified settings from packages.
  • Bug#13460 – upgrade packages result in a output with strange characters.
  • Bug#13478 – Maint::Config::Rebuild does not show error if old-style configuration file is found.
  • Bug#13428 – Timeline view dynamic field values.
  • Bug#13516 – In the setting window of linked widgets dynamic field labels are not displayed.
  • Bug#13503 – Delete button of filter is not unified.
  • Bug#13338 – DBUpdate-script isn’t checking for wrong Sysconfig settings.
  • Bug#13502 – communication log delete is slow.
  • Bug#13353 – inline picture not shown in AgentTicketZoom.
  • Bug#13437 – Upgrade script repeatedly asks for time zone configuration.
  • Bug#13326 – System was unable to lock Default Settings – after DBsetup/Step 2.
  • Bug#13267 – User specific settings which are overwritten in user files are not shown correctly in agent preferences screen (OTRS Business Solution™).
  • Bug#13518 – Invisible settings still available in SysConfig autocomplete search.
  • Bug#13294 – Safari autofill broken when two factor authentication is enabled.
  • Bug#13260 – Endless loop for recurrent daemon task with the same task name.
  • Bug#13510 – Article fields like Signed and Crypted are missing from the article header.
  • Bug#13444 – DynamicField Dropdown values are not verified if submitted via web service.
  • Follow-up fix for Bug#12569 – Missing explanation users (with visual impairments) in the ‘Preferences’ page.
  • Bug#13509 – Ordering in ticket overview screens is not consistent with dashboard tables.
  • Bug#13511 – Need UserFirstname floods system log.
  • Bug#13489 – Allowing users to change settings has no affect in advanced settings.
  • Bug#13488 – User Specific Settings not reflecting the correct number.
  • Bug#13485 – Text editor is incorrectly displayed in Bulk menu window.
  • Bug#13486 – On the agent’s login interface the system maintenance notification is too wide (width is not limited).
  • Bug#13426 – Making changes on dashboard stats widgets are not being remembered.
  • Follow-up fix for Bug#13424 – The CustomerID is missing after the ticket split.
  • Follow-up fix for Bug#11422 – List in the Dashboard: standard priority is ignored if you use a filter.
  • Bug#13414 – Wrong behavior of open ticket links in customer screens.
  • Bug#13475 – Escalation notifications are not triggered.
  • Bug#13397 – Autoreply shows HTML Tags when adding HTML formatted articles via Generic Interface. Thanks to Christoph Delbrück.
  • Bug#13429 – Wrong number of logged in agents/customers.
  • Bug#13430 – Ticket title overlaps with actions.
  • Bug#13499 – Target _blank value is not working for TicketMenu in AgentTicketZoom.
  • Bug#13289 – Certain input fields in don’t accept accentuated letters.
  • Bug#13461 – Safari will not update Ticket notification settings in the Agent preferences screen.
  • Bug#13458 – Sorting is wrong for zero.
  • Bug#13403 – When importing sys config the disabled modules don’t become enabled.
  • Bug#13465 – outgoing mail stuck in queue.
  • Bug#13476 – Email security options in AgentTicketCompose leads into an error.
  • Bug#13231 – AJAX Error when ACL triggers in queue move (restrict move from one queue to another based on Properties).
  • Bug#13431 – Notification article is visible for the customer although it shouldn’t be.
  • Bug#13464 – Dropdown selection not visible in ticket search.
  • Bug#13450 – Changing TicketType doesn’t change Ticket::Frontend::CustomerTicketMessage###TicketTypeDefault.
  • Bug#13371 – Deleting a sysconfig entry in AgentPreferencesGroups breaks the config when saving.
  • Bug#13411 – Names of search templates cut off.
  • Bug#13351 – Templates of type “Create” don’t get automatically loaded on AgentTicketPhone or AgentTicketEmail
  • Bug#13196 – Search in CustomerUser Information Center returns a search blank screen.
  • Bug#13419 – Queue View Large shows the same date and timestamp for every article.
  • Bug#13453 – During automatic update of dashboard widget the arrangement changes.
  • Bug#13448 – XML::LibXML is now mandatory, but shown optional in CheckModules.
  • Bug#13405 – CIC overlay display error.
  • Bug#13407 – PasswordMaxLoginFailed destroys the user’s password after too many incorrect logins.
  • Bug#13445 – System should use TimeZone ValueType in the Framework.xml instead of Select.

The detailed ChangeLog can be found at:


Browser Support

  • JavaScript is required to use OTRS.

These browsers are not supported:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer before version 11
  • Firefox before version 31
  • Safari before version 6

We recommend using the latest version of your browser because it has the best JavaScript and rendering performance. Dramatical performance varieties between the used browsers can occur with big data or big systems. We are happy to consult you on that matter.



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((OTRS)) Community Edition 6 Patch Level 4

Release Details

  • Release name: ((OTRS)) Community Edition 6 Patch Level 4
  • Release date: January 16, 2018
  • Release type: patch level