Release Notes

Security Advisory 2017-05: Security Update for OTRS Business Solution™

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October 17, 2017 — Please read carefully and check if the version of your OTRS system is affected by this vulnerability.

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Security Advisory Details


  • ID: OSA-2017-05
  • Date: 2017-10-17
  • Title: Vulnerability in OTRS Business Solution™ allows access to any active public chats
  • Severity: 4.7 Medium
  • Product: OTRS Business Solution™ 5.0.x, OTRS Business Solution™ 4.0.x
  • Fixed in: OTRS Business Solution™ 5.0.21, OTRS Business Solution™ 4.0.8
  • References:


Vulnerability Description


This advisory covers vulnerabilities discovered in the OTRS Business Solution™.


Privilege Escalation


An attacker could manipulate URL to access any active public chat, even if they are not a participant of it.


Affected by this vulnerability are all releases of OTRS Business Solution™ 5.0.x up to and including 5.0.20 and OTRS Business Solution™ 4.0.x up to and including 4.0.7.

 This vulnerability is fixed in the latest versions of OTRS Business Solution™, and it is recommended to upgrade via the OTRS Business Solution™ management module in the admin area of OTRS.

Release Name:

Security Advisory 2017-05: Security Update for OTRS Business Solution™


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